Outsourced Accounting Services

Current Ukrainian legislation offers several options to organize work of the accounting department – hiring staff employees, involving accounting company or specialist (outsourced accounting) or transfer accounting duties on CFO or financial assistant.

Outsourcing (accounting services) allows you to recruit a highly skilled professional externally at minimum cost. This will help distribute cash flows of the company, create a unified system of documents preparation, and fill gaps in reporting, if necessary.


All about Accounting Outsourcing

Outsourcing came to Ukraine from Western countries.  Its main advantage is mobility and opportunities for business development at minimum cash and time consumption. It is easier to address a company which offers outsourcing accounting services than to create your own accounting department. It’s particularly true for little studios, companies, self-employed individuals, large and medium businesses, start-ups.  In fact, an external contractor acts as an independent department.

Accounting outsourcing has a significant advantage that’s why managers promptly resort to such cooperation in their companies. Despite the fact that this form of cooperation is still unusual, private entrepreneurs who have used the outsourcing accounting services appreciate the following advantages:

  1. High level of employees’ qualification, insured risks, recommendations, significant practical experience – all of this indicates that a company deals with the accounting outsourcing on a regular basis;
  2. Significant savings – costs are reduced by 40% compared to hiring staff employee, as well as savings of up to 50% on the tax charges, the reduction of administrative costs, computer and software budget, significant time savings;
  3. High quality service. Accounting service availability at any convenient time and place, remote access to applications regardless of holidays or weekends, absence of sick leaves, vacations or decrees, which is especially important in case of urgent conditions.

Speaking about service cost, each company offers its own solutions. An outsourcing accountant can determine the cost of specific services based on one of five common pricing principals. The cost depends on the need for specific services, business field, systematization of existing documentation, filling in “gaps” etc.

How to Order Outsourcing Accounting services in Kyiv and Ukraine?

FCHAIN provides a wide range of services for small, medium and large businesses. We offer outsourcing accounting services in Ukraine and Kiev taking into account company’s specialty and business field. You will get:

  • Reliable long-term cooperation. We are focused on results, so we only offer mutually beneficial cooperation. While cooperating with us, clients receive a reliable partner to fulfill important tasks;
  • Significant savings with maximum efficiency. Hire an outsourcing accountant in Kyiv or Ukraine to save up to 40-50% in taxes and own accountant department cost.
  • Signing the contract with the description of the main aspects of cooperation, you get a guarantee of financial damage compensation, which increases the level of trust between our company and the client.

To order outsourcing accounting services in Ukraine contact us in any convenient way. We guarantee individual approach, information support and advice at a time a convenient time.

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