Registration of Companies and Enterprises in Kyiv and Ukraine

Business  development means not only having a web-site, advertising budget or sales manager. Of the stages of business establishment and development is registration of a limited liability company (LLC). It will provide more opportunities for your business and rise in esteem of partners and competitors. Moreover, a registered company is being more trusted that and unregistered one. For these reasons we offer companies’ registration in Kyiv and Ukraine.

A lot of entrepreneurs resort to registration services in Kyiv and Ukraine to register their business and become a legal entity.  It is necessary to have a unique company name and legal address. The next stage is to examine economic activity of the company and prepare the documents.


Company Registration Stages

FCHAIN Company offers the service pf registration of LLC and other types of companies and enterprises in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine. We check the unique company name, define types of economic activity for your company.

The procedure consists of 4 stages:

  • Drafting foundation documents, preparation of personal documents’ copies for company founders, director, chief accountant, supporting documents specifying company’s legal address in case there are any;
  • Determining the legal address of a future enterprise, its approval in government bodies. This address will be further used by default by various inspection authorities. Postal address can differ from the legal address. If you want to use another postal address to receive correspondence, you should additionally inform relevant institutions;
  • At this stage the major part of work is done and company registration process is finished. An entrepreneur gets a record and the copy of foundation documents Now it’s time to obtain a stamp. It is necessary for contracts conclusion, etc.
  • One of the final stages of LLC registration is opening a company’s bank account to keep company’s assets on, as use it for payments and cash transfer;
  •  Then it is necessary to get registered in the Pension Fund, Social and Health Security Fund as soon as possible.

Since company registration is a complicated procedure demanding a responsible approach, the service of enterprise registration is one of the most popular services provided legal companies. If you need professional assistance, FCHAIN Company will help you to register LLC or another type of the company in Kyiv and Ukraine.

Company Registration in Ukraine on Favorable Terms

Our Company offers full range of services regarding registration of any organization type in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. We are ready to help you in case you need to register your company and become a legal entity. We will prepare all necessary documentation, as well as represent you in government bodies and inspection authorities. Moreover, you will get information support and advice. We guarantee:

  • Result in the shortest possible terms. Due to their vast experience, our lawyers can organize company registration in Kyiv and Ukraine in the most convenient and short terms;
  • We sign a service contract with our Clients to specify all the details of our cooperation;
  • We will answer all your questions, explain the difference between LLC and other forms of incorporation, point out their advantages and disadvantages, discuss all the issues regarding company registration and provide solutions to possible problems.

We offer a multifaceted approach: full support at every stage, including but not limited to documents preparation, obtaining a stamp, registration in various funds. Call us to start your company registration process.

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