Company registration is the first step towards successful business!

Those wishing to become an entrepreneur in Ukraine want to fully legalize their activity in the country.  It is for the sake of minimizing risk and avoiding possible problems in the process of doing business, that entrepreneurs wish to register a company with the State Registrar.  And even at the first phase here comes a hardship…  We strongly recommend that you contact professional lawyers who will help you draft all documents and formally become an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, more than 30% of businesses in Ukraine are not able to continue working after a few months in their market segment. We offer counselling to help you consider all the risks and show ways for closing business to each client, should the need arise.

Реєстрація підприємств та компаній в Києві та Україні

What documents are needed to register Co. Ltd or private entrepreneurship in Ukraine?

You will need a standard set of documents – copies of all pages of the passports, certificates on attribution of tax identification numbers (TIN) for each of the founders.  The same applies to a director and an accountant, who will be working for our client.

Having trouble with a TIN?  We’ll help even non-residents or Ukrainian citizens who actually reside in another region and stay in the capital temporarily, to get the TIN.

Also, you need the documents that confirm your legal address (domicile). The address of the legal entity may be place of permanent or temporary residence (for example, rented apartment). Make sure you have a list of property, which becomes a part of the authorized capital. Remember that we turn all these complex steps into a pleasure cruise.

What information do we need for fast registration of Co. Ltd or PE?

  1. Suggested title of the new company.
  2. Administrative district of registration in Kiev.
  3. Share allocation of the authorized capital among the founders.
  4. Activities to be the core business of the company or PE.
  5. Banking institution, where current account will be opened.
  6. Need for additional stamps or seals.
  7. Official contact phone number, which will be entered into a common database.

What cases require a mandatory presence of our clients?

  1. Founders sign a Power of Attorney or other documents in the notary office.
  2. Future Director shall be present at the opening of a bank account.

We offer assistance at each stage of the registration and are ready to undertake all the necessary steps, provided that the client issued Power of Attorney.

Documents required for registration of changes:

  1. original certificate of state registration.
  2. original articles of association.
  3. copy of certificate from statistics department.
  4. copy of certificate confirming that you are a tax payer.
  5. document that confirms the legal address specified by you. Rented premises? We need a lease agreement and a copy of the ownership documents for this property signed by lessor.
  6. When the new founders appear, we need a documentary evidence of transfer of 100% of shares from the former founders.
  7. Increasing authorized capital? You will need to provide documentary evidence that formally confirm your intention to form a new authorized capital.
  8. Copies of passports and all TIN certificates of the founders.

Co. Ltd (OOO), Sole Proprietor (FOP) or Private Entrepreneur (PP)?  What to choose in Ukraine?

Co. Ltd is a kind of entrepreneurial society.  The number of founders can vary from 1 up to 100 persons.

PP is likely a form of organization that is created specially for beginners in business.  There are a lot of contradictions here, but we will help you to utilize all the benefits of PP.  According to the current legislation of Ukraine, PP is not a legal entity.  PP can be registered by any number of founders, if they are physical persons.  Do your mean being a legal entity?  Remember that in this case only 1 legal entity may register a PP.

FOP, or Sole Proprietor, allows physical person to obtain a status of a business entity, but it is not allowed to register as a legal entity.  In this case 1 physical person with full legal capacity may register FOP.

Business activities

Co. Ltd can take advantage of all possible types of entrepreneurial activity if it does not deal with psychotropic and narcotic substances or their analogs, as well as with production of gas, gasoline blends and bioethanol.  PP can enjoy the same opportunities with the similar restrictions.

FOP can perform any activity which is designed to meet the market demand, but only when such demand does not violate the law.  Also, FOP is not eligible to work in:

  • television and radio broadcasting.
  • purchase and sale of scrap metal.
  • outer space activities.
  • financial services.
  • road construction.
  • educational activities.

Registration of the legal address

For Co. Ltd and PP, you can specify place of the founder’s registration or leased office premises.

For FOP a permanent address of entrepreneur shall be used.

With us your registration will be much more easy, profitable and reliable!

We help solve problems of small and medium businesses since 2002.  High quality legal advice, accounting services, optimization of budget costs, introduction of modern software to reduce the number of errors – this is not an exhaustive list of what we offer to our clients.

Financial Chain Corporation has evolved into the real helping hand for both beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.

Why us?

  1. Long-term experience in solving legal and accounting problems of a different nature.
  2. Reliability which is founded on our reputation proven by thousands of clients.
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  7. On time and at high speed.

Cost of services depends on specific case and your requirements.  Call us and soon you will see for yourself that we easily solve complex legal or accounting problems.

Registration of a new company (Co. Ltd, PP, business entity, FOP) will be as simple as possible.  Order our services for registration, re-registration or liquidation of the company now, and save your money, time and nerves.

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