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Liquidation of a company in Ukraine - Financial Chain Corporation

The liquidation of any enterprise is a complex process that requires qualified knowledge and experience, regardless of the situation or the reason that has led to the decision to cease the business activity. Financial Chain Corporation provides professional assistance concerning legal issues using appropriate remedies on the whole process of liquidation of companies in Kiev, as well as other cities of the world.

We can be of assistance to favorably liquidate a company of any form of ownership in any complexity of the situation and to minimize inconvenience for our clients in any peculiar case of the company’s liquidation.

FCHAIN has a tremendous experience of successfully solving problems associated with the termination of the enterprise’s activities for one reason or another (arising from the inefficiency or insolvency of a company, etc.), with or without unliquidated obligations and debt.

Our professional tax consultants, attorneys and specialists in the field of arbitration management, qualified for legal transactions, will advise you in detail, individually select the form of the company’s shutdown or winding-up that is advantageous for you. We guarantee confidentiality and prompt support at all stages of being wound up.

FCHAIN is a reliable partner that is capable to prevent from potential troubles and costs as a result of inspections of economic entities by regulatory authorities, while ensuring a quality legal service to its customers, based on their needs, at a high level. Rely on the professionals and obtain the desired result in the short term, avoiding risks and challenges.


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