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Accounting services in Ukraine - Financial Chain Corporation

Financial Chain Corporation well succeeds in delivering a full range of services connected with accounting and tax accounting in Ukraine, and also in other countries of the world. The ranks of our loyal partners and customers are steadily replenished each year. And there is no wonder. After all, we provide a good-quality service in the sphere of accounting and tax accounting.

We assume total responsibility for normal functioning of your bookkeeping and give a guarantee. Due to the fine job of our highly qualified specialists, your company is protected from accounting reporting failures, which are fraught not only with fines, but also with substantial losses in the case of an improperly defined taxation.

Outsourcing of accounting with FCHAIN company is the best way to maximally optimize the work of your company’s financial sector. Our chartered lawyers, accountants and tax advisers will not only keep the reporting, but also give you extensive advice on any issues, if you need them. With us, you save time, energy and money funds.

We offer a comprehensive package of accounting services, which comprises:

  • Selection of the correct accounting policy, development of methods of accounting and tax accounting
  • Development of data and documentation exchange system between the various segments of accounting
  • Preparation of principal bookkeeping documents and professional handling of accounting document management and books of accounts
  • Configuration, adaptation, updating and maintenance of accounting software
  • Work with primary accounting documents (maintaining the cash book, preparation of payment orders, payment invoices, delivery notes, etc.)
  • Compilation of bank documentation
  • Reporting and filing annual tax returns to the respective governmental tax authorities and public funds
  • Detailed consultations on accounting and tax accounting
  • Preparation and submitting the statistical data and the appropriate documentation

With a reliable partner FCHAIN-you gain such benefits as:

  • Saving financial The expenses for outsourcing of such tasks are always substantially lower than spendings for keeping one’s own staff of accountants and lawyers.
  • Guaranteed withdrawal of customer’s liability. If you are fined because of errors in the accounting or tax reporting, maintained by our specialists, then all these fines will be paid by FCHAIN.
  • Contributing to a business processes simplification.


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