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HR services in Ukraine - Financial Chain Corporation

To date, outsourcing of personnel records is enjoying increasingly growing popularity. FCHAİN provides HR services in Kiev and other locations of the world at the highest professional level.

This solution will be cost-beneficial to both large companies and small businesses. We assume responsibility for a qualitative performance of all the functions of a fully-fledged human resources department, that, of course, will advance your business in all aspects, and an individual approach and a high-quality analysis of your company’s activities will ensure the most optimal solution in staff administration.

We offer our partners and customers a high level of personnel management. Our successful experience of the competent systematization of HR records management and the effective organization of internal personnel policy has led to the prosperity of numerous companies throughout the world. The successful interaction of your company with the control bodies will be achieved thanks to following up all changes in the labor legislation of Ukraine and strict adherence to the current norms by our lawyers.

HR-service offered by FCHAİN includes:

  • Registration logs, accounting books for employment records and employment contracts, logs of accounting of inspections, record books of internal movement of employees;
  • Drawing up the staffing table;
  • Local normative acts, regulations and orders (elaboration of new and amendment of already existing ones);
  • A full package of “turnkey” documents, which are required for working with staff and including the personal record cards and personnel files, employment contracts, payroll statements of charging the wages;
  • Personnel policy, job descriptions and regulations;
  • Preparing and submitting of all necessary documentation to the relevant State structures;
  • Comprehensive independent personnel audit (we’ll identify errors related to HR-administration and records management and target a concept for optimizing the work);
  • Creating an enterprise management model with taking into account its activity;
  • Planning the company’s needs accommodating with the present workforce;
  • Optimizing the staffing involvement;
  • Effective distribution of newly arrived staff by workplaces;
  • Analysis of the reasons for releasing staff resources;
  • Offering services of fully automated staff records.

Efficient HR management is the basic aspect of profitability of the enterprise. Leaving this time-consuming and complex process up to the professionals of the FCHAİN, you save money and time, as well as insulate yourself from the difficulties of working with government agencies. Already from the first day of our cooperation, you will feel the substantial advantages of HR-management outsourcing.


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