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Legal services in Ukraine- Financial Chain Corporation

The FCHAIN team of professionals with many years of successful working experience provides comprehensive legal services to companies and private entrepreneurs in Kiev and other cities of the world in the area of corporate law. We will render you high-quality legal support in questions of any complexity and criteria.

An entrepreneur by delegating authority to our specialists saves himself from a lot of trouble with documentation, from interaction with state bodies and other organizations, what allows sparing valuable time.

FCHAIN offers services such as:

  • Registration of companies and individual entrepreneurs
  • Legal examination of statutory documents and records
  • Amending and supplementing the Foundation Documents
  • Apostilling and notarization of documents
  • Drafting and making changes in all types of contract and agreement
  • Drafting and modification of employment contracts in accordance with labor legislation of Ukraine
  • The change in authorized share capital
  • Change of directors
  • Change of founders
  • Change of shareholders
  • Providing a registered legal address
  • Changing a legal address
  • Changing or widening the scope of activities

The major benefits of comprehensive legal servicing from the FCHAIN:

  • By trusting professionals, you will save yourself from many problems and risks related to the legal sector of the enterprise’s business activities.
  • You save valuable time, which is a key component of success.
  • Legal protection of your business interests and legal support, as well as prevention of problems with government authorities.


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