Accounting and Tax Recovery

Accounting department is the basis of any company, which does not only coordinate the work within departments, but also documents all important changes in full. Ignoring this basis can lead to unpleasant consequences, for example, to the penalty charging or sanctions against the company.

When a chief accountant is dismissed, a need in accounting recovery arises. This service is also relevant, in case single tax reporting is unavailable, there are errors in the paperwork or accounting is absent for a long period of time. If you face such problems, it is time to approach accounting professionals that will help you fix your paperwork and carry out consultations on the pending issues.


How to Recover Company’s Accounting?

Recovering company’s accounting is held in strict adherence with an approved detailed plan. This allows you to achieve the most favorable results in the shortest term. FCHAIN Company adheres to a specific plan, which was developed by its experts. This ensures that our employees are able to recover accounting for the client without losses and errors, which is crucial in this important process.

  • Analysis. An accountant audits documentation, looks for errors and missing segments, monitors relevant information on the standards specified in the legislation, and compares the results;
  • Registration in 1C or another program. Appropriate accounting transactions system must be registered;
  • Restoration of accounting, registers, elements that help in building or restoring whole system;
  • Creation of the main documents – payroll, expense reporting, accrual of tax revenues;
  • Restoration of the missing documents, correction errors in the existing documentation;
  • Validation of financial charges, taxes and fees;
  • Creation a job report;
  • Documents delivery to the authorities.

The cost of the accounting recovery depends on the following factors: the specifics of the enterprise, its services. Just contact our manager, to know the exact cost of accounting recovery for your company.

Different Accounting Recovery Methods

There are different methods of accounting and tax management recovery. Depending on the goals and company profile one of three different methods is applicable: full recovery, when all documents are audited, analyzed, a list of discrepancies is formed and a report is handed over to monitoring institutions. Partial accounting recovery is held to reconstruct specific part of paperwork. There are companies that provide urgent accounting recovery services.

It is Easy to Order Accounting Recovery Services!

If you face unpredicted situation like chief accountant dismissal or monitoring agency inspection, you lack paperwork, taxes and fees calculation, it is necessary to consult professionals. FCHAIN Company is ready to help you solve those issues and offer you a turnkey solution.

You will receive: help and support, immediate consultations on any issue at a convenient time, effective solutions, and personal service based on your company’s profile, our expert involvement at any stage, great experience for the best solution of your problems.

If you require accounting recovery services, we are ready to help. Our specialists will perform all necessary procedures to restore your accounting in Kyiv and Ukraine and will consult you on any matter or lead your accounting and tax management processes. That will help you avoid any problems with accounting, accrual of taxes and audits of regulatory agencies.

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