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Preparation of tax statements and tax optimization - FChain Corporation

Owing to the impact of the increasingly challenging tasks, the question of time and money costs for commercial entities is acquiring an ever-increasing importance to our world today. In this context, the outsourcing of tax planning, preparation of accounting reports and compilation of annual balance sheets for submission to the tax service and other government agencies is increasingly relevant.

It is appropriate and desirable for enterprises of large, medium and especially small business because to date, the maintenance of a full-time qualified and experienced accountant (all the more, an accounting department) costs much more expensive than pertinent outsourcing services. An outsourcing services provider, FCHAIN, with many years of successful experience with the very diverse bookkeeping and tax systems, offers such a comprehensive service as preparation of the reporting and optimization of taxes in Ukraine and other countries of the world.

Under the package of outsourcing services FCHAIN will perform the following for you:

  • Qualitative study of documentation, analysis of primary documents;
  • Removal of errors and meticulous restoring order in the report documentation;
  • Verifying the correctness of accrued payroll, benefits and entitlements for each employee and the payment of taxes;
  • Drawing up statistical and financial statements;
  • Preparation and submission to the relevant authorities: declarations, reports on income tax, VAT, social and insurance contributions;
  • Analysis of the current forms of taxation imposed on entrepreneurs;
  • Detailed advice relating to tax optimization issues in Ukraine;
  • Professional strategies of tax planning;
  • Selection of reliable tools for reducing the overall tax burden and increasing net profit indicators;
  • Prevention of double taxation and optimization of tax calculation system;
  • Comprehensive assessment of tax risks for mitigating them.

Always keeping abreast of all advanced standards in the relevant sector and all legislative changes in Ukraine, our highly qualified and experienced specialists will perform a full range of work on the preparation of accounting statements professionally and on schedule. A substantial advantage for entrepreneurs will be a series of efficacious measures on optimization of tax payments included in the service offered.

By means of elaborated in all details tax planning we will determine the most optimal form of taxation, which would be suitable specifically for your business. FCHAIN’s tax advisers, with a wealth of experience, will pick up a number of special methods and techniques to reduce the tax burden, effectively applying provided in the tax legislation of Ukraine possibilities.

Reporting preparation and optimization of tax payments from the FCHAIN is an apposite and advantageous solution, both on a permanent basis and as a one-off service. Just let the professionals undertake demanding in terms of strict compliance with deadlines laborious and routine work of preparing and submitting the accounting records, who will thoroughly draw up the necessary reporting documentation in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation. With the FCHAIN, you are not only guaranteed to reduce the tax burden, increasing your net profit, but also gain stable financial safety by accurate handling your accounting, efficient settlement and eliminating risks of penalties, fines, other costs and expenses. In addition to the topnotch skills the company brings to its work flexibility of response to emerging issues and operative find of solutions.


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