Changing Company’s Charter and Other Documents

Changing company’s statutory documents may be required in the following cases: legal address change, re-registration or personnel changes (general director). To comply with Ukrainian legislation, you will need to get help from qualified lawyers.

In accordance with Ukrainian legislation, any company’s data must be timely submitted to national register in case of changes. That’s why you need to contact a qualified lawyer who will formalize a document with the reference to specific features and legal niceties. Legal assistance is needed in the following situations: re-registration, change of address, change of name of company, increase in the share capital etc.


Types of Statutory Changes

There are several types of changes that must be documented and issued in a proper way. On the basis of this list, the CACS Company provides a range of following:

  • Changing the legal address. Legal and actual address of the company may differ, but the legal address of registration is required;
  • Changing the director. Changes may be required for various reasons – voluntary resignation of the head or the cancellation of his powers for a number of reasons. The decision to change general director in Kyiv and Ukraine is determined by board of directors, afterwards a stage of documents preparation begins. Changes should be made in a national register within 3 days after the appointment of a new general director;
  • Changing the legal address indicated in the documentation for the legal entity. It is worth remembering that the actual and legal addresses do not always coincide, but it is not prohibited by law;
  • Increase or decrease of the company’s capital is also the subject for registration. It is necessary to report of the reduction or increase, formation and amount of the authorized capital.

CACS Company specialists carry out the amendment procedure in accordance with a specific timetable, which we describe in more detail below.

How Are the Changes Implemented?

Any legal processes are governed by state regulations. Changes to the company’s documentation are no exception. To make changes to the company charter in Kyiv and Ukraine, as well as to re-register, you must go through several stages and provide the following documents to the authorities in the following order:

  • Registration Card, as amended;
  • Protocol on the need for changes to the company’s charter (original or copy);
  • A document confirming the legitimacy of the decision, it may be a change of director of LLC, re-registration, etc.;
  • Company’s information documents (originals only)
  • Receipt confirming the payment of fees for changes in the company documentation;
  • Documents with information about the changes on separate sheets (two copies).

Our company provides legal services in Ukraine for more than 10 years. Extensive practical experience, the constant work with information allows us to be aware of all legislative changes. We do not only solve disputes, but also help in dealing with such issues as:

  • Changing the name of the company or organization;
  • Change of director or founder;
  • Re-registration in Kiev or other city of Ukraine;
  • Amendments to the articles of association;
  • Changes in the share capital.

We offer unique and innovative solutions based on the specific situation. Our experts are ready to work within short terms with a focus on effective results. If you need to re-register LLC or amend the charter of the company, please contact us in any convenient way. Our experts will offer you the most effective solution and implement it as soon as possible.

Extensive practical experience allows us to achieve the desired results as quickly as possible without any loss of quality. To find out more information on your question, please contact us in any way convenient for you – contact information is on our website.

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