Modification of articles of association: easy to say, easy to do!

Qualified expert support may be required at any stage of business activity of the company.  State registration of any changes in the articles of association and information of physical persons and legal entities won’t be an exception.

Registration of new company includes affixing special mark by the Registrar on the front page of the Charter.  This mark not only confirms inclusion of new legal entity into the State register, but also indicates that it was created in compliance with all the rules.  Before registration expert carefully checks the text of articles of association.

Modification of articles of association is complicated due to the fact that, according to the paperwork rules, the Charter should be stapled and page numbered.  That’s why you cannot just replace modified page(s).  Our team knows the ins and outs of update/ modification of statutory information and is ready to save your time by taking care of reissuing all the documents.

Внесення змін до статуту компанії та інших документів

When you need to modify articles of association: 6 typical cases + our assistance in each!

The need for modification of articles of association may occur in the following cases:

Change of Director/CEO

For modification we will need passport of a new CEO and the date of his/her hire.  Also, we need to know the dismissal date of the previous CEO.

We will prepare Minutes of General Meeting and enter information about new Director in Uniform State Register, EDRPOU and 4-OPP form. Our staff will notify the tax authority of the relevant modifications and prepare documentation for replacement of credit cards. All what you need is only receive a full package of documents as amended.

Change of the founders

In this case, we will need:

  • Charter and Minutes of shareholders meeting;
  • copies of passports and individual tax number of the former and new members of the company who are physical persons;
  • copies of registration certificates of the new legal entity and its predecessor;
  • documentary evidence of transfer of the stake/share in the authorized capital.

We also undertake to carry out revision of all necessary documents and provide you with a ready-made documentation.  Also, our team will develop a Minutes of meeting and modifications to the Charter.

Change of activity type

Here we will need a Charter, certificate from statistics department and information about new activities.  Our actions will be similar to the case above.

Change of legal address

The list of documents in this case is somewhat broader.  To use our services, you will need to provide:

  • Charter and certificate of State registration;
  • EDRPOU certificate and 4-OPP form;
  • notification of registration in the Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund and Employment Center;
  • copies of passports and individual tax numbers of new founders of the company;
  • VAT payer or single tax payer certificate;
  • information on the new legal address.

Our experts will make all necessary changes in the shortest possible time and notify the appropriate authorities accordingly.

Increase or decrease of authorized capital

In this case, we need only the Charter and information about changes in the authorized capital.  We enter new information on the size of authorized capital in the Uniform State Register, draft and incorporate changes to the Charter, as well as prepare documents for crediting money to the company’s account.

Reincorporation of a business entity is due

This is one of the most complex cases which requires not only change of articles of association, but company stamp reissue.  Old stamp should be destroyed, and a new one made for replacement.  In this case we will need:

  • former revision of the Charter;
  • stamp;
  • extract from the Uniform State Register;
  • copies of passports and Individual tax numbers of the CEO and founders;
  • EDRPOU certificate.

And even in this case, you don’t have to worry about anything.  After contacting us, you get a complete package of services: from drafting documents for modification to stamp reissue!

Documenting requirements

All changes of articles of association need to be registered, since only in that case they come into force.  It is possible to draft modifications of the Charter as a separate document, or release the new revision of the Charter as amended.

All pages of the new revision of the document shall be stapled and numbered in ascending order. Stapled area on reverse side shall be covered with a sealing sheet with a textbox: “Stapled and numbered N sheets”.   Company name and signature of the authorized person are placed below the textbox.

On the next working day after registration the document will be issued to the owner. Registration takes three working days, the first of which shall be the date of document submission.  As a result, the client receives original document with a mark ‘modified’ or a new version of the Charter.  If information shall be updated in the Uniform State Register, client also receives a new extract.  At the same time our experts will send notification to the statistics authority, Pension fund and State Tax Inspection.

Could state registration of changes be denied?

Not always the documents submitted for state registration are considered.  The Registrar is entitled to deny, if:

  • location of legal entity does not match the address in the documents;
  • documents do not conform to the standards specified in Article 8,10 of the Law No. 755 or are submitted incomplete;
  • documents are submitted by a person without a relevant authorization.

A ban on registration is also possible due to the court decision.  A complete list of grounds for denial of state registration can be found in Article 27 of the Law №755.  Upon revealing of the grounds from the above list, the state registrar no later than three working days from the date of receipt of documents shall notify the person of denial, having indicated specific reasons.

Repeated submission of the documents for registration is possible after removing all the shortcomings.

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