Tax Accounting Automation

Automation of accounting is a set of tools and applications aimed at optimization of business processes. Automation of accounting enables you to efficiently measure, record and perform qualitative analysis of all production operations in the company. Such accounting can be used for processing primary, technical, operational, cash and statistical accounting. Automation can be complex or local.

Автоматизація обліку - вивести бізнес на новий рівень

Why to automate accounting?

In its intention to optimize production processes and improve efficiency of company operations, management seeks to tighten control over performance of contractual obligations, avoid losses and optimize company’s expenses. Automation helps accomplish all these tasks through improvement of work efficiency by 100%. According to statistical data, in companies that do not use accounting software, employees spend up to 60% of the work time only for searching necessary information and correcting errors. Therefore, integration of automated accounting will help:

  1. reduce time of tasks completion;
  2. automate generation of reports;
  3. organize a quick exchange of information and documents with remote subsidiaries;
  4. receive all necessary production data in any form and in real time;
  5. detect errors and timely fix them;
  6. thoroughly control expense flow;
  7. save resources, reduce labor input and improve efficiency of the final result.
  8. improve the information processing – make it more analytical, in time and at quality level. Reporting formats and sections after automation become much more versatile and flexible;
  9. avoid human errors. Employee only enters data, but the software analyzes them, calculates the results and generates reporting documents.

Benefits of automated accounting:

  • This is completely new level of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system;
  • Low risk and no errors caused by the human factor;
  • Reduction of time for accounting operations and processing documents in a conventional way;
  • Simplified workflow. Automated generation of reporting and primary documents which can be stored and modified electronically;
  • Versatility. Ability to process and record any standard documentation and data;
  • Creation of a single database which enables quick effortless access to the desired information.

IMPORTANT: due to introduction of automated accounting, company’s workflow will get a reliable protection against such serious risks as balance errors and inaccuracies in reports.

How to automate accounting

For automation of accounting the company shall allocate a PC where our specialists will install, configure and tailor the software to your needs. Broad functionality of such software allows its adaptation to any purpose and individualization to the specific needs of the company. With the aid of software application company’s management will be kept abreast of and aware of all ongoing business processes.

Advantages of the software application:

  1. Automation. Prompt processing of all primary documents and entering them into a common database;
  2. Correct calculation of income, expenses, taxes, and payroll;
  3. Optimization of labor input, significant reduction in manual work and errors caused by the human factor;
  4. Comprehensive automated tax accounting and reporting, correct and quick calculation of tax amounts. The accountant is only required to correctly enter the input data. Due to this function, company is protected against all sorts of errors that so often appear in the tax documentation and related fines and penalties;
  5. Accessibility of information. Accountants and management have quick and efficient access to the necessary data at any time without the involvement of other personnel;
  6. In-depth monitoring and simpler control over the company.

Should you decide to regain some order in the company, optimize its operations and improve efficiency, contact us in the Financial Chain Corporation. We provide services on automation of corporate accounting of any profile and level of complexity. By contacting us, you get a guaranteed quality of service and ability to integrate the latest software.

Automation process

Automation process starts with defining the objectives, scale and procedure. Then in close cooperation with you we choose the most suitable software application for your tasks. Only after all technical issues and problems are solved, we start software implementation.

Stages of the integration automation process:

  • customizing of account charts in accordance with the specific company features and established objectives;
  • adjustment of standard posting formats. If you introduce a large complex software, it requires customization of settings of each section in its own separate module taking into account its specific features;
  • customizing of primary document formats;
  • setup and personalization of accounting formats and tax calculations.

Quality introduction of software into the company’s system guarantees its trouble-free operation and automatic generation of all quarterly reports. That is why it is important to carry out automation with reliable and experienced contractor.

Our advantages

“FChain” company operates in the software services market for small and medium businesses since 2002. We provide services on installation of the latest multi-function software, accounting and legal support to the companies. All our clients are happy and satisfied! We guarantee:

  • high quality of provided services;
  • full information support at all stages of cooperation;
  • satisfaction with the results of our work.

What we offer:

  • High quality service and reasonable prices.
  • Our software helps you save on taxes without breaking the law.
  • Fast and efficient work, due to which you receive an opportunity to efficiently optimize accounting and legal services.
  • Reliability. Image and reputation are important to us, therefore we guarantee quality of all software products and services provided by our company.
  • Convenient cooperation instrument through outsourcing.
  • Impressive experience in the core area.
  • Flexibility and loyalty. We provide quality services equally to all clients, regardless of whether we work on a contractual or single basis.
  • Accessibility. Our company provides comprehensive information support, including legal, at all stages of cooperation.
  • Universality. We provide both integral and one-time service.
  • We provide full-service legal and accounting support and follow-up in Ukraine and other countries. Our company has considerable experience with foreign invested enterprises and representatives of non-resident companies. We help you choose the most beneficial option of taxation system and optimal accounting system.

Call us, and we will answer all your questions.

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