Service of HR Audit in Kyiv and Ukraine

HR audit service is one of the new services on the market of legal and accounting services. Due to the certified procedures it is possible to assess company’s staff, define weak points and improve efficiency. FCHAIN Company Experts perform complex assessment of personnel in compliance with the company’s demands. Moreover, HR audit helps define the causes of performance difficulties and impact of staff employees. As a result, a company manager will receive recommendations regarding remedial measures, as well as further strategy.


In broad sense, Service of HR audit in Ukraine is an independent and professional assessment of company’s document flow associated with human resources. The procedure comprises following stages:

  1. Examination of documentation, its correctness and compliance with common norms and regulations;
  2. Analysis of employment agreements validity concluded with staff employees;
  3. Examination of primary documentation, its correctness, including different orders (employment orders, discharge orders, business trip orders, office notes, instructions, employment sheets, vacations schedule etc.);
  4. Analysis of employment records books;
  5. Inspection of documentation of further professional training;
  6. Analysis of document execution for foreign employees;
  7. Analysis of document execution for maternity benefits payment, as well as payments for other types of temporary disability;
  8. Inspection of appropriateness of payments for overtime, including weekends and public holidays.

FCHAIN Company performs complex HR audit in Kyiv and Ukraine with consideration of company’s particular characteristics and corporate policy. In addition to the abovementioned, HR audit may involve analysis of service contracts concluded with individuals, salary payment etc.

When is HR Audit Useful?

HR audit in Kyiv is vital in many cases, but most of all it is necessary in the following situations:

  • Purchasing a company or an enterprise that is accompanied by personnel assessment;
  • Settlement of disputes regarding hiring a new employee or further training of an employed person;
  • In case of staff reduction, when there is no need in large number of employees;
  • In case company’s operation efficiency is required;
  • In case it is necessary to improve control over remote offices and affiliates.

In case you face any of the problems from the list, resort to the services of FCHAIN Company. We will perform quality HR audit in Kyiv or Ukraine and provide further strategy rerrors elimination.

HR Audit Advantage

Since HR audit service is relatively young in Ukraine, Managers rarely resort to it. However, if you want to develop profitable business, you need to start with personnel. Staff employees are the basis on any enterprise, that is why ignoring team problems may lead to fatal consequences for your business. We recommend to use HR audit in Ukraine as the most efficient means in the world business practice. It helps analyze and assess company efficiency regarding personnel issue, find out and eliminate possible errors. In addition, you will get the following advantages:

  1. Reduction of risks and expenditures in case of state inspection for compliance with Labor Code;
  2. Opportunity to avoid labor disputes and claims by employees that addressed to state regulatory or legal authorities;
  3. Efficient, in legal terms, implementation of company’s HR policy that improve personnel efficiency.

We will help to create quality and efficient labor reserves in the shortest possible time, and perform HR audit in Kyiv and Ukraine within 2 weeks. Call us to get a detailed information.

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