Registration of Private Entrepreneur in Kyiv or Ukraine

Are you planning to become your own boss and get 100% of the income? It is high time to register yourself as a private entrepreneur. This is an important step towards making your business legal and rise in esteem of partners and customers. However, registration of a legal entity should start from a through and overwhelming preparation that will influence the result. We suggest resorting to the services of companies experienced in legal entities registration, in order to avoid all possible problems during the registration process.

It is a widespread though false belief that the registration of private entrepreneur and private enterprise are similar processes. In fact, private entrepreneur is an individual, while private enterprise is a legal entity.


How to Register a Company in Kyiv?

If you are ready to register yourself as a private entrepreneur, you need to think of your business activity. It is an obligatory condition, since government bodies in Kyiv in Ukraine demand specifying economic activity codes for private entrepreneurs’ registration. In accordance with the requirements of tax inspection, you will need to specify the main and several additional codes.

Thereafter private entrepreneur is being registered. To start the process, you should address authorized registration bodies that, as a rule, are located at local self-government bodies (committees and administrations) at place of residence and fill in a registration card, submit passport and personal tax number. These actions allow to register a private entrepreneur in Kyiv and Ukraine.

Private entrepreneur can submit the documents in person or through his/her authorized agent. The latter should have notarized power of attorney to be able to perform such services and submit documents by post (in this case authenticity of the signature is to be certified) or send an e-document with an e-signature. Lawyers of FCHAIN Company take all responsibilities associated with the private entrepreneur registration. All you need is to call us.

On the next stage it is necessary to receive the principal document – Extract from the State Register of Legal Entities. Afterwards, an entrepreneur should address local tax inspection and pension fund. Prior to visiting the tax inspection, you should select tax system and tax payer group. We recommend to choose one of the easiest and thus the most popular system – single tax system. To finish the registration process, you should submit a written notice regarding tax system selection.

You should submit to the tax inspection the following: a bound book of record with an assigned number, a statement for private entrepreneur registration. In 10 days you will receive tax payer certificate. An entrepreneur can undergo the procedure independently. However, if you know the value of your time, we recommend you to address experienced lawyers that will prepare all the documents and submit them to relevant government bodies.

Where to Order Private Entrepreneur Registration in Kyiv?

Lawyers of FCHAIN Company are highly experienced in solution of various legal issues, including private entrepreneur registration in Kyiv or Ukraine. We will take care of the whole process of private entrepreneur registration, help with document preparation and submission to relevant government bodies. All you need is to call us and inform about your intention to register yourself as private entrepreneur. We offer the following:

  • Individual solutions. We will help with the selection of economic activity and relevant codes, ordering a stamp if necessary, opening a bank account;
  • Up-to-date information. Since new laws and regulations constantly come to force, we monitor all the changes to share with you the most important and up-to-date information;
  • Prompt service. We start working on your issue immediately upon receipt of the request.

Call us to start the registration right now. Lawyers of FCHAIN Company will offer the best solution and help register a private entrepreneur in Kyiv and Ukraine in the shortest possible term.

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