Product Certification in Ukraine

Compliance certificate (certificate of origin) is a document confirming product quality and its compliance to norms and standards of Ukraine. Certification is the process of obtaining such a certificate. It is organized in accordance with regulations of the government body (State Standards Agency) authorized to check product’s quality using state certification system “UkrSEPRO” and issue a corresponding document.

There are both voluntary and obligatory certifications in Ukraine. At own initiative, a producer may obtain voluntary compliance certificate. Receipt of such a document is an advantage and means reliability. Obligatory compliance certificate necessary for certain types of goods is required by government bodies necessary.

There is an official list of goods that are subject to mandatory certification. The document has been in force since 2005. Currently the validity period of any certificate of origin varies from one to three years. Full procedure is to be taken upon certificate expiration.


How to Obtain Compliance Certificate?

A customer should file an application for the receipt of compliance certificate and the supporting documents to the relevant government body. The decision is made upon analysis of the application and the supporting documents.

Assessment or examination of production is required in case of serial production. Committee representatives select product samples for further examination. The committee draws a conclusion upon the results of conducted tests. If product complies with all norms and regulations, the producer obtains a phytosanitary certificate, compliance certificate, and the product is recorded into Unified State Register. Thereafter, the committee checks the product for compliance with state norms and regulations on a regular basis.

It is worth mentioning, that the producer faces specific requirements. In particular, the producer is obliged to prepare full package of documents. A highly qualified lawyer can help with this issue. The required package of documents should include information about production quality control, output control, details of manufacturing procedure, raw material and product control, control registration procedure etc.

How to Obtain a Compliance Certificate in Ukraine?

Certainly, is better to resort to the services of a private lawyer or a company providing legal services. FCHAIN Company has been providing such a service for more than 10 years. We provide the following services:

  • Obtaining an obligatory (mandatory) compliance certificate in Ukraine or only in Kyiv. This service is a must for those who produce goods being a subject to mandatory certification. We help our Clients obtain compliance certificates in the shortest possible terms.
  • Obtaining a voluntary compliance certificate. If you want to be more competitive, get a voluntary compliance certificate to claim product safety and reliability.

Cooperation with us will save your time which you can devote to your business. We will take care of the documents preparation and check for errors and compliance with current legislation, as well as of application to government bodies. Moreover, our Company FCHAIN will help with the final certification stage and provide legal advice.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you. Your application will be proceeded immediately upon receipt. Thus we save our Clients’ time and money. To order a service of product certification in Kyiv or Ukraine, contact us in any way convenient to you.

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