Personnel Records – Provision of Services in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine

An enterprise is an entity where all the departments should work in a unified manner. Outsourcing personnel records service or HR record management mean that all the work concerning personnel administration is delegated to the third party. All work procedure should comply with tax, labor, civil law of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, HR record management lacks attention in many companies. Hence any entrepreneur can face such problems like fines, paperwork audit and even court proceedings. We offer to order the service of HR record management that will help to change the situation for better and prevent negative consequences.


What Does Personnel Records Cover?

First of all, personnel records means execution of relevant documents. Here belong employment orders, personnel replacements and granting vacations, sick leaves, maternity leaves and other types of orders regarding employees.

Personnel records in Kyiv includes but is not limited to working out employment application forms, letters of resignation, compensation payment, issuing of work record book, remuneration changes, employee’s shift to another department or branch office. Here belong such procedures like keeping employee’s profiles and personal data files, filling work record books, document management, working out vacation schedule, issuing employment references, registering of employee identification numbers.

Moreover, personnel records in Kyiv means execution and keeping of employee’s profiles. It includes exhaustive file description, issuing a personal data file and personnel record card. Due to ordering personnel records service, our Clients sufficiently save their time. All the consultations are provided by phone or e-mail. Hence you can get legal advice at any time.

Advantages of Personnel Records Service

In general HR record management is an activity regarding employees’ documents management. Not long ago this process was closed, but nowadays more and more companies are eager to order an outsourcing service for personnel records in Kyiv and Ukraine. Why is it so advantageous?

  • A Client gets an opportunity to concentrate on principal business process, income issues due to the delegation of the HR activities to the other companies or experts without any risk for business;
  • While addressing a private company providing service for personnel records, a Client can be 100% sure in the reliability of such a cooperation. Business relationships will be supported by conclusion a relevant contract, where penalty costs and financial liabilities in case of force majeure are stipulated;
  • High quality of the provided service. Private companies can offer highly qualified experts who make successful decisions in any situations. And a Client pays only for the specific services and does not need a relevant regular employee;
  • An opportunity to hand things over to an expert by submitting an application from. This will help to avoid employee turnover, hiring an unexperienced person with a need for further training. An outsourcing company will create an independent department for provision of HR record management and cooperation directly with the principal.

FCHAIN Company has been working in the area of accounting services for more than 10 and can be proud of its significant contribution. Personnel records services are among the most popular, hence we provide only high quality service in order to develop this trend. We receive the following requests:

  • Register maintenance;
  • Drafting contracts and petitions;
  • Registration books of orders;
  • Issuing a personal data files, making up employment sheet, vacations schedule;
  • Writing job descriptions, employment contracts;
  • Reporting to funds and government bodies, including inspection authorities.

In order to receive more information and to order the service of personnel records, reach us by phone or e-mail. FCHAIN Company’s expert will answer all your questions.

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