Personnel Record Keeping (Records Management) at an Enterprise in Ukraine

In order to successfully manage a company, an entrepreneur has to implement different approaches and techniques. One of them is personnel record keeping that allows to regulate staff shifts within any legal entity. Besides, there are similar notions: records management, documentation, services etc. All of the mean the procedure of document execution regarding company’s employees.


To organize personnel records keeping in a proper way, it is necessary to kwon all aspects of employment and labor law, relevant documents format experience in the field of personnel record keeping and ability to constantly monitor and interpret new laws and regulations. Below are safe and proven methods HR records organization:

  • To create a department that will be in charge of staff records management are hire an employee of relevant qualification. The main drawback is the skills of the employee will remain under question. The only proof is employment records book. Hence the work of such a specialist should be under strict control during first months of his probation period;
  • To transfer the duties of staff records management to a secretary or an accountant why is able to work with documents. Human error and excess load should be kept in mind. The employees will perform their priority duties that may cause errors;
  • To address a company’s expert in the field staff records management for advice. Such a cooperation should be supported by a verbal or written agreement. The weak point of such a cooperation is absence of any responsibility on the part of the expert;
  • To conclude an agreement with an outsourcing company that provides services for personnel records keeping. The main difficulty is to find a reliable company that will provide outsourcing experts. The advantage is an opportunity to conclude a contract with specification of penalties and financial guaranties.

Evidently, it is a small part of ussies regarding hiring new employees. But as a result, you will get efficient personnel management at low cost.

How to Implement Personnel Records Keeping in Ukraine?

Implementation of personnel records keeping in Ukraine hardly differs from similar processes in the other countries. It consists of three stages:

  • Execution and registration of documents associated with staff records management;
  • Document circulation inside and outside of the company, cooperation with other companies, process monitoring, correction of possible errors;
  • Archival arrangement, working out of record keeping system. Writing a guideline for staff records management based on particular features of the company.

The experts of  FCHAIN Company provide outsourcing service for staff records management, execute relevant documents. Besides, their service includes drafting:

  • Of regulations and resolutions for a company;
  • An employment sheet and making arrangements;
  • Sample of employment agreement and its appendices;
  • Vacation, business trip, employment, shift and dismissal registers;
  • Records employment books and other documentation;
  • Employees personal records forms;
  • Development of electronic database 1C.

Cost of service regarding personnel records keeping in Kyiv and Ukraine and relevant documents execution depends on number of employees and other conditions like involvement of foreign employees. Experts of FCHAIN Company will provide individual cost calculations for services to satisfy our Clients’ needs.

How to Order Personnel Records Keeping in Ukraine Online?

If you need efficient staff records optimization in Kyiv or Ukraine, we know how to help you.

We will rearrange working process without any harm to your business, create comfortable employment conditions within the company, execute and organize all necessary documents including regulatory documentation, timesheets, employees’ personal profiles.

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