Order Customs Clearance in Kyiv or Ukraine

Customs clearance is required in case a product or goods cross the border of two countries. It is necessary to prepare a number of special documents, store the cargo at temporary storage warehouse, submit the documents to the relevant authorities, in order to get the required permit. Having provided legal and accounting service for more than 12 years, Company CACS can help you with shipping preparation of your cargo and customs clearance within the shortest terms in Kyiv and Ukraine.

The procedure comprises several stages. We provide turn-key assistance for customs clearance: lawyers of CACS Company will check the required documents and supervise all the stages of the process. Our lawyers will act on behalf of our clients in different authorities to save their precious time.


Customs Clearance Stages

Customs clearance procedure comprises two big stages – preparation and the main stage consequently divided into sub stages. Preparation stage includes a number of supportive actions associated with customs clearance. The main goal of such actions is improvement of further procedures’ efficiency, as well as placement of goods under relevant customs regime. Afterwards, our layers will perform the following:

  • Acceptance, registration and accounting of bills of entry. An expert will check correspondence of documents and conditions, necessary for the bill of entry to be accepted. Then required documents will be provided and bill of entry registered. Besides, it is necessary to check accuracy of documents (or their soft copies), documents compliance with common rules and regulations.
  • Supervision for data integrity and accuracy. A lawyer will check the information about goods, its accuracy, article codes in compliance with regulations, information about goods/cargo origin, official specifications or producer’s/manufacturer’s documents.
  • Currency control. Document preparations and examination is performed in terms of currency control. Lawyers of CACS Company check the accuracy of statement and the selected method of cost calculation.
  • Customs charges control. This activity includes check for availability of receipts, existence of instalments or overdue, documents proving paying off the debts, compliance with the terms of the bill of entry, payment conditions etc.
  • Goods inspection and clearance. At the final stage of customs clearance, we examine the previous stages of the procedure, inspect the goods (the decision concerning inspection can be made at any stage), record the inspection results. Afterwards, the decision concerning goods clearance is made.

In order to quickly and smoothly pass the customs clearance procedure, CACS Company experts recommend to commence documents preparation in advance. This will help decrease the terms of cargo processing and receive the permit for crossing the border in the shortest terms.

How to Order Customs Clearance in Ukraine?

If you need to perform customs clearance for goods or vehicles as soon as possible, our experienced lawyers are eager to help you. They will gather all necessary documents and prepare them in compliance with current norms and regulations. Contact as in any convenient way, to order the service of customs clearance.

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