Tax Efficiency. Company Taxation

Tax efficiency is tax planning which will help increase business profits and minimize tax payments in accordance with law requirements. An expert will select means and methods allowing to enhance tax efficiency in Ukraine in a most favorable way.

Tax efficiency means minimization of tax payments for a short- or long-term period, and prevention of penalties from government bodies. In order to meet the targets, we use different means that guarantee timely and fully tax payment.


What Does Tax Efficiency Comprise?

A comprehensive approach to solution of company’s tax issues is a key to successful performance and profit increase. Experts of FCHAIN Company have worked out several strategies to optimize the tax burden in Ukraine and minimize tax risks promptly and effectively. These strategies include:

  • Examination of procedures of a company, organization or an enterprise;
  • Search and elimination of errors; corrections of primary documents if necessary;
  • Income tax planning in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine; working out a plan of tax efficiency for a particular enterprise, modification of company’s internal procedures;
  • Advice on tax efficiency in Kyiv and Ukraine;
  • Expertise of disputable issues;
  • Analysis and amendment of tax calculation scheme, advice on how to avoid double taxation;
  • Risk assessment for a designed plan of tax efficiency.

Following traditional methods are applied in Ukraine for tax efficiency:

  • Company’s income and expenditure optimization. The method is based on correct document circulation and dates of expenses recognition. Efficient distribution of financial flows and dates of agreements conclusion offers to justify dates of expenses recognition and thus decrease tax amounts;
  • Working out a schedule is a method useful for intermediary companies that cooperate with other legal entities and individuals. Optimization of work process helps to reach tax efficiency by minimizing taxes in Ukraine. However, there can be difficulties associated with mediating activity. That is why FCHAIN company offers individual solutions for each client;
  • Optimization of social expenditures and salary expenses. Different social expenditures stipulated by the law are subject to tax. There is a fixed maximum value of tax amount to be paid. It cannot exceed irrespective of the costs payed to different funds. Such law characteristics can be used for working upon tax efficiency in Kyiv or Ukraine;
  • Special solutions for holdings. Being united in one group, companies with different tax liabilities can also become tax efficient in Ukraine due to the special efficiency procedures.

Certainly, there are a lot of different efficiently strategies allowing minimize tax burden in Ukraine. Moreover, highly qualified lawyers will offer you individual and unique solutions to a particular situation. If you are interest in tax efficiency, we advise you to address qualified lawyers.

How to Minimize Taxes in Ukraine?

Different methods of tax planning allow to work out an effective procedure of tax efficiency in Ukraine on a regular basis. Company FCHAIN implements various methods and strategies, due to which hundreds of entrepreneurs have already reduced their expenditures.

We provide planning of income tax, work out schedules for companies and enterprises, cooperate with intermediate procedures of all kinds of complexity, provide legal advice. All these means help reduce company’s expenditures. In order to start the process of tax efficiency do not hesitate to contact us.

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