Legal support: full legal control of your business

Legal support of companies is a complex of legal services provided by our company for your business.  It means full control and resolution of legal issues that will ensure success of your activities, protect your reputation and mitigate legal and financial risks.

Why business needs this service?

In the course of doing business entrepreneurs often face legal issues.  Registration of activities, competent conclusion of contracts, representation of interests in court is only a small part of the tasks that need to be addressed.  The costs of maintaining own staff of lawyers are not always justified.  Lawyer’s activity is not related to the solution of routine everyday tasks, he is involved into company’s activities as may be necessary.

In addition, lawyer needs continuous practice to maintain his qualifications.  Only in this way he will be able to track changes in the legislation and effectively work with information.  Unfortunately, full-time lawyer does not have such possibility.

We offer to use our legal “accompaniment” services.  By signing the agreement, you will receive a full package of services to resolve legal issues and will be able to direct your energy to the solution of priority tasks.

What is included in this service?

We offer the following services:

Advising on application of the effective law.

We will undertake study of regulatory and legal framework which is subject to continuous changes and help you apply it in practice.

Assistance in contracts conclusion and control over implementation of existing agreements.

Our experts will develop both standard contract templates with counterparts, as well as exclusive versions thereof in accordance with legislative norms.  You will dispose a full legal analysis of the concluded and future contracts, and you can also count on assistance in preparation of discrepancy report.

Protection of business interests in relationship with counterparts.

We will not only help you conclude contracts with counterparts, but also protect the interests of your business in the event of controversial situations.

Advising on tax issues and disputes.

Our competence also includes tax support.  We will provide you any advice on the tax law, be it legal aspects or planning and optimization of taxes.

Follow-up of contract administration and current documentation.

We will help to develop articles of association, internal regulatory documentation, and compile regulations on contract administration.  You will receive a competent legal advice on all matters relating to current activities.

Registration and liquidation of legal entities

Our experts will prepare all the necessary documentation for company’s registration or liquidation and submit it to the relevant agencies.  In addition, you can rely on qualified assistance when re-registering, amending the articles of association or changing the director.

Collection of accounts receivable.  Search for debtors

In the event that counterparts incur debts to your company, we will search for the debtors and collect the required amounts from them.

Protection of company interests in the state and municipal authorities

Competence of our lawyers includes drafting business documents in relationship with the state authorities.  And again, we will protect your interests!

Monitoring of inspections by supervisory bodies

Due to our support, you won’t need to worry about audits and tax checks: your documentation will always be in order.   In addition, we will conduct a legal review of the audit to establish its validity.

Follow-up of HR policy

You can always get advice on labor law: strengthening labor discipline, involving employees in property accountability, resolving conflict situations within the collective, or contract administration.   We will develop the necessary package of documents on labor protection, carry out certification and training of employees.

Legal services for transactions and individual projects

You can count on our help in exceptional situations as well.  We will help you to make a deal, for example, for the sale or purchase of real estate, and if you decide to take a loan – we will choose the most profitable option for you.

Representation of clients in court

Our lawyers will help in resolution of conflict situations: we will try to find out-of-court solution, but if necessary, we will prepare documents and represent your interests in court.

Criminal defense of business

We will provide legal support to the company during criminal proceedings, and also present your interests in court.  You will receive comprehensive protection at all stages of solicitation related to economic abuse.

Attorney support

You can also count on the help of our attorney who will take your side in controversial situations.  He will not only collect all evidence base, but also represent your interests in pre-trial proceedings and in court.

“Financial Chain Corporation” provides full legal support of your business

By signing a contract with our company, you will receive:

  • A reliable companion

All our lawyers have proven qualifications and can draft a contract of any complexity. We can cope even with the most confusing situation.  We are always on the client’s side.  Due to the high degree of legal protection, your status and reputation are improved: unfair suppliers or contractors will abstain from dealing with you.

  • Guaranteed and timely assistance

Within the framework of the contract, you will receive qualified legal support and prompt resolution of legal problems.  In this case, actual information can be presented either verbally or in writing.

  • Money saving potential

Cooperation with us will help you avoid an additional financial and tax burden on keeping your own lawyers.

  • Possibility to reduce risks

Professional team of lawyers will reduce potential risks in contracts conclusion and complex transactions.

We provide legal support to many corporate clients who are satisfied with the quality of our work.  You determine the terms of the contract: whether it will be a full complex of services or follow-up of individual tasks.   Only a team of highly qualified lawyers, constantly improving their skills and having sufficient practice, will be able to keep track of your business.  Trust us, and you will be impressed by the result!

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