Legal Services for Business, Organizations and Enterprises in Kyiv

Entrepreneurial/business activity implies expertise in different business dimensions. While starting a company one should take care of the managers, accountants and lawyers as well as of the support staff. Business, various organizations, enterprises and limited liability companies need the provision of legal services especially nowadays, when business means not only a small private enterprise, but an entity growing in a highly competitive environment. Such circumstances require the best efforts; hence a highly qualified lawyer is a must.

Should you face any complicated problem or need to avoid a failure, do not hesitate to use the professional legal services and advice. FCHAIN Company provides a full range of legal services to business, various organizations, enterprises and limited liability companies.


Our services include but not limited to:

  • Legal services, advice online and by telephone;
  • Drafting of Contracts of different types;
  • Document preparation for binding agreements;
  • Bringing the client’s case to the court;
  • Settlement of labor disputes;
  • Presence of the lawyer during tax inspection;
  • Protecting Company interests;
  • Support of any interaction with state (regulatory) bodies;
  • Participation in the negotiations;
  • Writing and filing complaints;
  • Legal analysis of the Client’s documentation for compliance with legal standards and Client’s interests.

Evidently, the abovementioned list of legal services to business can be extended to meet the Client’s requirements and needs. We often receive requests for the following solutions:

  • Resolution of tax issues;
  • Execution of agreements;
  • Drafting of documents, contracts;
  • Resolution of judicial disputes;
  • Advice on cash operations etc.

Apparently, you may resort to the service of a private lawyer of try solving such issues independent. However, our experience shows that it is much better to seek professional advice.

Cost of Legal Services for an Enterprise

Since the cost service is one of the most essential issues, there is a necessity to cover it in detail.

First of all, services of a lawyer (both private or in-house) are rather expensive, especially for a start-up or a small company.

We offer legal support for a company, organization or any enterprise at affordable prices. We provide full legal services in Ukraine, and it means that our Customer get a team of professionals who are always ready to assist with solving problems of any kind.

Why Are Consulting Legal Services Cost-Efficient?

Legal support services are one of the dynamically developing fields due to the increase of companies and enterprises in different business segments. Nowadays legal services in Ukraine are rather popular due to the following reasons:

  • Financial advantage. It is easier to contact a private company and order consulting legal services, rather than hire a lawyer. There is no need to pay a salary. You get a team of professionals at a cost several times lower than a salary of a regular employee. Moreover, you associated cost will reduce as well;
  • Responsibility. Upon contract signature with a Customer, the company takes the responsibility for all legal activities provision;
  • Service quality. Due to the extensive experience and area of expertise, professionals working in FCHAIN can provide solutions to a wide range of Clients’ problems;
  • Permanent cooperation. If you need legal services and advice in Kyiv and Ukraine on a regular basis and at affordable price, a private advisory company will offer the most efficient ways of cooperation;
  • Confidence. Partnership based on a concluded agreement is the best reliability guarantee. We regulate relations with our Customers by means of a Contract drafted on the basis of your needs and demands;
  • Time efficiency. We start working immediately upon receipt of Customer’s request and fulfill all the tasks within the agreed term.

You can call us right now to get the professional advice. All contact information is available at our web site.

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