Legal services

Legal services are integrated solution of any legal issues. Their provision involves not only consultation, but also expertise and preparation of documents and client’s representation in legal proceedings.

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When you may require legal services?

Assistance of a professional lawyer might be required both at the stage of the company incorporation and during implementation of its activity. Adoption of any significant decisions in the company requires participation of a legal professional. Any legal mistakes and omissions in documents or when dealing with clients, employees or contractors pose a risk of fines, administrative penalties or litigation.

The company may require legal assistance even if it has a full-time lawyer. For example, an employee might go to a planned vacation, when company head needs to sign an important contract.

Involvement of a lawyer allows company management to avoid possible financial losses due to the documents noncompliance with the requirements of the law. By contacting us you will be confident that activities of your company are impeccable from a legal point of view.

Types of legal services

Participation of lawyer during incorporation of your company will solve the following tasks:

  • preparation of articles of association;
  • verification of “clean title” of the property for rent or premises for purchase by the company;
  • obtaining licenses and certificates (if the case might be);
  • selection and optimization of taxation system;
  • registration of rights and stakes of the company’s founders.

A need to address legal issues may also arise in the course of the activities of the company:

  1. amendment of articles of association — if the company’s Charter is adjusted, then you shall either register modifications as individual document, or release a new revision of the company’s Charter;
  2. preparation and verification of working documentation for clients and contractors — all contracts should be drafted in accordance with the requirements of the law, be legally correct and protect the company’s interests;
  3. HR documents — labor contract and property accountability contract form the basis of the legal relationship between an employee and his employer. Without knowledge of labor legislation, you cannot correctly draft documents, taking into account all the nuances, rights and obligations of the parties;
  4. company licensing — if the company’s activity is subject to receiving certificates and/or permits, issuing them without full conformity to the legal requirements and regulations will fail;
  5. liquidation or sale of the company — if owners decide to terminate or divest the business, it is important to properly draft documents, bearing in mind the legal subtleties.

Advantages of legal outsourcing

High-quality legal assistance does not imply having a full-time lawyer in the company. Sometimes it is better to use outsourcing – services can be provided under the civil contract.

Like with full-time “in-house” lawyer, outsourcing involves provision of a full range of legal services. But the undoubted advantages of outsourcing services attract more and more owners of small, medium and large businesses.

Firstly, a company that works with lawyers through outsourcing saves substantial money. Not hiring employee full-time, company does not need to pay insurance and taxes for him, create additional work space and provide benefits package — outsourcing helps avoid all these expenses.

Secondly, it is important to keep in mind that every lawyer specializes in a particular area of law, and may not have sufficient qualifications in another one. If parties intend to make a contract on provision of legal services, a support will be provided by an expert in the specific area required in a given situation.

Thirdly, the contractual arrangements allow company to order the desired scope of service. And if legal support will become irrelevant, you can just terminate the agreement. But you cannot terminate a full-time employee.

By contracting us to obtain legal services, you get all the benefits of legal outsourcing. You will have no worries should your employee gets sick, quits, goes on vacation or fails to meet a challenge — by signing a contract for the provision of legal assistance, you leave all legal matters to our care.

Consulting services and protection of interests

Our company provides both permanent support, and one-time services.

Look through the supplier contract before signing, check out the legitimate rights of the owner before buying the property or make the transfer of company ownership – a legal advice before making a decision will not only help formalize the deal, but prevent possible material, financial or reputational losses.

If a disputable situation which is posing a risk of lawsuit has already happened, lawyers from Financial Chain Corporation would do everything possible from a legal point of view to find out-of-court solution of the conflict. If the trial is unavoidable, lawyer will represent and protect the client’s interests in court. Our legal expert will not just attend hearings, but a professional interest protection strategy, which will help minimize possible negative impacts and losses, will be developed for the client.

Why contact us

Since 2002 our experience and hundreds of clients whose business is developing due to our legal support, is the best proof of our competence and professionalism.

Private entrepreneurs and business owners, who had approached us yesterday, received today:

  • a detailed report on the legal status of the company;
  • tips on how you can save on taxes using allowable deductions;
  • understanding of the basic legal provisions, knowledge of which is necessary for successful development in the chosen area;
  • recommendations on changes to be made in the company documents.

Regardless if client orders one-time services or permanent support, our lawyers fully satisfy the need taking into account the specific aspects of your company.  Working with Financial Chain Corporation, you get not only legal assistance, but also the confidence that your company business is absolutely legally correct.

If you have any questions, you can call our managers or leave your contacts in the feedback form. Our experts will provide any required clarifications, share rate schedule and help determine the scope of the necessary legal support.

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