HR record management at outsourcing terms: we will make your business comfortable!

Sooner or later, every business is faced with questions on HR management. Some hire their own full-time HR staff, others conclude an agreement for staff outsourcing and get the required service in real time, which allows you to save significant money.

Кадрове діловодство на умовах аутсорсингу: ми зробимо ваш бізнес комфортним!

Brief outline of HR department work

HR record management are activities of HR department, aimed at the development and maintenance of HR workflow. This includes issues related to personnel accounting, organization of the work process, payroll calculations, and regulation of rapport between manager and subordinates.

Any information on changes in HR-related area should be documented, therefore, from the legal point of view, every such paper is important. Its availability is the only argument to confirm or deny the fact of any action and use it in controversial situations.

List of material documents for personnel records management

Conditionally, all personnel documentation can be divided into three groups:

  • Mandatory regulatory acts, which include:
    • staffing table;
    • labor discipline standards;
    • labor safety instructions;
    • document on protection of personal data;
    • holiday schedule and more.
  • HR orders and administrative documents:
    • on admission and dismissal;
    • on vacation;
    • on transfer to another position or substitution and so on.
  • Documents reflecting the employment relationship between the employer and employees:
    • work record books;
    • personal cards of subordinates;
    • labor contracts;
    • payrolls, etc.

HR record management:  what, how, and why

Personnel records management is miles of the red tape. Employees need not only be hired, but also, if necessary, trained and certified.  Just add here vacations, sick leaves and maternity leaves, which also need to be documented.  And don’t forget seasonal workers: they have to be hired and fired almost every quarter! And absolutely every move shall be backed up with the appropriate paper, and then reports are submitted based on them!

Having concluded the contract for personnel outsourcing, you will relieve a huge amount of time for yourself.  Our employees will take care of all the work on HR record management, namely:

  • Analysis of workflow, including:
    • study of the company organizational structure and formation of workflow model;
    • grouping the documents by procedures, departments and periods;
    • optimization of units’ operation in accordance with the established workflow model.
  • Preparation of HR documentation consisting of:
    • development of standard documents with due account of company’s activities;
    • staff planning and management;
    • documenting of employees’ work.
  • Keeping personnel accounting and HR management is divided into three areas:
    • accounting and control – admission, dismissal, relocation of employees;
    • planning and regulatory – selection, adaptation, evaluation of labor;
    • coordination and information – pre-training, training, attestation of personnel.
  • Handling personnel documentation:
    • keeping personal files and work record books;
    • issuing orders;
    • registration of sick leaves and other documents.
  • Preparation and submission of mandatory HR reporting to the state agencies of Ukraine, including:
    • analytical surveys;
    • preparation of reports;
    • submission of data to the relevant authorities.

Advantages of outsourcing in HR record management

Until recently, settlement of the HR documents was quite closed activity, but today more and more companies in Ukraine wish to order HR accounting from professionals.  What is the secret?  Contract for HR outsourcing gives the following advantages:

  1. Transfer of non-core activities to a third-party organization relieves time for developing your own business.
  2. The client is getting fully confident in the professionalism of HR staff – all employees constantly improve their skills and qualification and successfully apply their knowledge in practice.
  3. The service significantly saves money. You pay only for the provided services, instead of maintaining a permanent HR department.
  4. Possibility to hand over all cases to the single person, which virtually eliminates the staff turnover.
  5. Reinforcement of relations on a contractual basis makes the client confident in reliability of the partner.

We guarantee that cooperation with us will result not only in savings, but also in substantial progress in business.  You will get rid of the problems with finding and hiring highly qualified personnel and regulating relationships with them and will be able to channel all your energy into business development.

Errors and omissions in HR records management

Unfortunately, not all companies correctly keep HR records.  Errors can be everywhere at any stage:

  • Drafting personnel documents in a wrong way.
  • Neglect drafting of an employment contract or the inconsistency of its date with the date of actual employment.
  • Improper keeping the work record books and personal files.
  • Incorrectly issued internal orders.
  • Poorly organized work on storage and recording personnel documents.
  • Errors in reporting or transmission of incorrect data.

These and other flaws or inaccuracies in HR record management are fraught with imposing fines during inspection by the relevant authorities.  And in the event of controversial situations, the case can go to court.  Contacting our company will help avoid all these problems: we will analyze the HR record management in the company, correct the errors which were found and prevent negative consequences.

What do FChain clients receive when outsourcing HR record management?

Over the years of FChain work, HR outsourcing services have become in a great demand – this is one of the most popular areas in our work. We are pleased by every client, so we try to make cooperation with him even more profitable and productive. Based on the growing demand for HR outsourcing services in Ukraine, we are developing this direction and expanding the list of services.

Our experts will fully assume the documentary support of personnel records:  from the development of internal documentation, to the submission of reports to the supervisory bodies.  We will undertake to:

  • draft orders for admission, dismissal, transfer and leave;
  • edit the staffing table;
  • develop templates of labor contracts;
  • keep time sheet and payroll records.

In addition, you will be exempt from:

  • development of internal labor regulations;
  • formulation of travel provisions;
  • writing bonus provisions.

We guarantee the competent HR management, which allows to correctly reflect the cost of maintaining staff in tax and accounting records.

If you want to have time for doing only business, save money on maintaining your own HR department and be confident in the competent organization of personnel records management, then we are waiting for you!  Please fill out the form on our website and wait for a call from our experts in the nearest days.

We will make your business comfortable!

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