How to Write a Job Description?

Job description is one of the fundamental documents of any company, since it specifies rights, duties and competency of company’s employees on their positions, as well as regulates corporate relationships. In Ukraine belonging to organizational-administrative documentation job descriptions are executed by managers and reviewed and approved by legal department or an outsourcing specialist.

As a result of such a cooperation, copies of a job description are given to an employee, to human resources department and to the department manager. It is necessary to define characteristic features of a certain employee’s activity, to correctly draft a job description in Ukraine.


Why Is Job Description So Important?

A lot of managers do not pay attention to writing job descriptions for their employees. At the same time, it is one of the most important documents allowing to organize and simplify many business processes regarding company’s employees. A job description is:

  • A reason to analyze and assess employee’s performance, as well as to decide upon the necessity of further professional development, transfer between the department, position change, promotion or employment termination;
  • A guideline for action for and employee. A job description in Kyiv specifies to an employee what kind of activity is expected at a certain position, as well as criteria for his or her capability and performance assessment;
  • A basis for salary rate and payment procedures;
  • A guideline for an interview with candidates for a company’s vacancy to define the level of candidates’ responsibility.

There are no fixed standards of drafting a job description in Kyiv and Ukraine nowadays, hence they differ from company to company. The main condition is to get the advice of an experienced lawyer who will review the documents in terms of legislation and make amendments of necessary.

Written correctly, a job description will help to distribute duties between department staff             or company in general. This will help improve the performance, reliability and timely fulfillment of the set tasks. Moreover, the document allows to increase corporative responsibility, build a strong united team able to reach the results.

Definition of job duties in Ukraine or Kyiv will help an employee to clearly understand tasks, rights and duties relevant to a certain position. Besides, the document can serve as a reason for employee’s promoting or dismissal, and an evidence in court in case of labor disputes.

It Is Easy to Have a Job Description Done in Ukraine 

Providing a full range of algal and accounting services, FCHAIN Company helps with drawing up job descriptions. We will specify clear responsibilities for each employee in compliance with current legislation. Moreover, we will offer the following:

  • Consultancy service at a time of your convenience. It is evident, that a highly qualified lawyer is always important for business. If you resort to our services, I will get a team of experts that will offer efficient solutions on the shortest possible ways;
  • Supplementary service. Time is money. Hence it is vital to keep a professional at hand. Our lawyers get down to work immediately upon your request, and within several days you will get a job description;
  • Attractive service cost. You will pay only for the specific service of a lawyer, which is significantly cheaper than paying to a regular employee. As a result of cooperation with our Company, an entrepreneur saves up to 40-50% of regular’s employees salary.

Call us to get a job description in Kyiv or Ukraine. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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