Employment Financial Liability Contract

In order to insure company’s property, a lot of employers conclude financial liability contract with their employees according to which the latter are responsible for property damage. A standard contract allows to compensate for a damage in the amount of monthly salary.  In order to rise the liability level and payments, financial liability contract in concluded. Such contract allows to get compensation for damage in full. Some jobs require such legal registration and are stipulated by the relevant regulation.

It is worth to know, that availability of the position is not the reason for contract conclusion. An employer has to meet the following conditions: to make sure about specific works and employment, and the connection of an employee with tangibles (its transportation, storage, processing etc.). On the basis of such conditions, an employer can address a lawyer for drafting a financial liability contract.


List of Professions and Types of Works

The list, executed in 1977, is in force in Ukraine since 1991. It consists of 16 items, including positions and work types. Here belong jobs associated with banking sphere, various management positions, like sales point manager, administrator, expeditor, cash courier etc.

As far as the work types are concerned, the following works are included into the list: works involving servicing vending machines or other machines that involve using any cash payments and charges, banking charges, works on acceptance, storage of various goods, work for acceptance and delivery of values of vacationers in the health institutions, works on acceptance of values for further repair, installation, operation on the sale of various goods as well as work on the sending, receiving, transportation of cargos. Financial liability extends to all of these items in Ukraine.

There are situations in legal practice when an employee is responsible for the property even without the conclusion of the relevant contract. FCHAIN Company lawyers will closer look at each case, provide consultations, and answer any questions. We will also develop a collective liability agreement. It is relevant in the occasion when it is complicated to distribute responsibilities between employees, that is why they are bound by a single contract (common situation for industrial facilities). The collective liability agreement is based on the list of positions and their jobs as mentioned above.

Drafting a Collective Liability Agreement in Kyiv and Ukraine

In order to protect your property, collective or personal liability agreement with the help of experienced lawyer needs to be developed. FCHAIN Company offers a complete package of services for business and enterprises, including drafting a liability agreement. We will explore your problem and start working on the contract immediately. Our Company guarantees:

  • Comfortable service for our customers. You can always ask questions and get professional advice;
  • Relevance. The legislative framework is constantly changing in Ukraine, so the lawyer should monitor all the latest innovations. Our knowledge is always up-to-date.
  • Perfect conditions for cooperation. Our customers receive a previously discussed package and pay only for what they actually need. This allows you to save on staff and to achieve the necessary goals;
  • Efficiency. A private lawyer is always listening to the customer’s wishes and does the job as quickly as possible. Our client receives a team of experts who are ready to commence their work immediately.

Practical experience and extensive practice, cooperation with small, medium and large businesses allows us to understand customer’s needs and demands. That is why we always offer the best and considered decisions. To order drafting a liability agreement, please contact us any time!

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