Drafting of the Contracts of Different Types in Ukraine

Employment agreement or contract between an employer and an employee remains to be the most popular and wide spread document. However, irrespective of its type, drafting a contract is a complicated process with a lot of details for a lawyer to focus on. Correctly written contract will allow to settle even the most complex and disputable issues, and help with the court proceedings.

FCHAIN Company receives plenty of requests for contract drafting, since it is impossible for an entrepreneur to predict all the possible problems and disputes. Our lawyers are experienced in concluding of lease contracts, contractual agreements, as well as sales and services contracts in Kyiv and Ukraine. Our company has been providing legal services for more than 10 years. For this period we have helped conclude more than 1000 contracts of different types and provided legal advice to legal entities and private individuals.


How to Draft a Contract of Kyiv or Ukraine?

As it has been already said, drafting a contract is a complicated process comprising multiple steps ad demanding skill, knowledge, involvement and attention. This process consists of several stages necessary for the satisfactory result.

Firstly, an experienced lawyer analyses Customer’s request and demands, examines the provided information, checks the data and subject of the contract. The lawyer specifies the contract goal, provides legal advice, answers Client’s question if necessary. Depending on gathered information, the lawyer selects the contract type which will meet the Client’s needs in the best possible way. Due to this process, the Client receives a contract on beneficial terms. It is possible to conclude a hybrid contract, since there are no clear definitions and instructions to different contract types conclusion in current legislation.

The third stage requires contract preparation procedure, selection between framework contract and one-time agreement. Then the contract is worked out in detail and formalized in accordance with standards of legislation of Ukraine. Contract attachments are worked out if necessary. The lawyer specifies liability, includes force-majeure, confidentiality clause etc.

Finally, representatives of the legal company confirm the final version of the contract with the Client and make amendments, if necessary. As an option, the Client will receive legal advice and the list of additional services. In addition to drafting lease contracts, contractual agreements, sales and services contracts in Kyiv and Ukraine, FCHAIN Company provides the service of contract review. This service helps do the following:

  • Define the errors making a contract lose its legal force;
  • Improve company’s document circulation;
  • Decrease tax liabilities;
  • Limit Client’s liability and decrease risks.

As a result, Client receives amended contract with annotation and clarification of made changes. Besides, the Client will get lawyer’s conclusion with recommendations regarding document circulation. If there is a necessity, our Company can audit all the documents and make necessary corrections in addition to contract conclusion.

Drafting of Contracts in Kyiv and Ukraine

Our Company provide legal service in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. We help our Clients with drafting contracts of different types, including employment agreements, contracts for employees, lease agreements, financial lease contracts, sales and service contracts, contractual agreements, contract between buyers and agricultural organizations.

More than 10 years of experience help us provide solutions promptly, efficiently and at best value. We have an individual approach to each situation, take into account characteristics of your company, business field and your demands. Each Client can get preliminary consultation and answers to any question. Call us to get the service of contract conclusion in Kyiv or Ukraine!

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