Drafting an Employment Agreement in Kyiv and other Cities of Ukraine

Drafting an employment agreement is one of the most popular legal services in Ukraine. More and more companies are eager to conclude agreements with their employees, since this document allows to regulate the relationship between both parties. It helps to settle the disputes between the parties in case of any complicating issues. Drafting an employment agreement in Kyiv and Ukraine provides opportunity to restore justice in case there is no chance to avoid court proceeding.

Therefore, many employers resort to the services of legal companies. Employment agreement provides legal safety for both an employer and an employee. Drafting and employments agreement is based on the working conditions previously discussed by the parties. This document is a result of parties’ negotiations and cannot be signed without mutual agreement.

An employee is an individual of 18 years of age or older. In some cases, 16 years old young people can be employed as well upon their parents’ or guardians’ consent. Moreover, pursuant to current legislation of Ukraine, conclusion of employment agreement with individuals 14-15 years of age is allowed as well. An employer is usually a company, an enterprise or another individual.


Drafting an Employment Agreement: Special Aspects

Not all of the employers are aware of the possibility of concluding the employment agreement for a fixed term. FCHAIN Company provides the services for the drafting of the employment agreements of the following types: for a fixed term by mutual agreement between the parties; for an indefinite term; for the term of the certain activity performance. Mutual agreement between the parties is an obligatory condition. The contract will not be concluded without agreement on all the clauses. Accommodation, provision of a vehicle or a personal driver can be included to additional terms and conditions.

Moreover, our Company offers drafting a Contract which is a special type of agreement with particular distinctions. It is an urgent written contract that can be a reason of issuing an order for accepting an employee for a position. The contract contains essential information about the parties, contract term, parties’ liability, work scope etc. Pursuant to current labor legislation, the contract should not worsen conditions of an employee. Otherwise, it loses its legal force.

An employee is to submit the following documents before employment agreement conclusion: passport, appropriately filled in employment record book, and a military registration card, in case the employee was bound to military service. Our Company will offer you efficient legal support. Our lawyers have relevant experience to help you draft an employment agreement paying attention to all the details and requests.

How to Draft a Contract in Ukraine?

If you need to draft an employment agreement or a contract in Kyiv or Ukraine, legal company FCHAIN is always ready to help. We cooperate with the representatives of small, medium and large business all over the country. Our lawyers regularly monitor current legislation and regulatory environment to stay up to date with all the changes. It is an important part of the lawyer’s duties, and we are ready to share our knowledge and experience with our Customers. Our Customers also get:

  • Reliable cooperation with guarantees is the best offer in the business sphere. Our Company offers mutually beneficial partnership to the representatives of small, medium and large business;
  • Comprehensive strategy. We work with specific problems as well as with the general issues and provide solutions for the prompt problem handling. Having contacted us, a Customer gets a team of experienced lawyers;
  • Expert knowledge. There are only highly experienced professionals working in FCHAIN Company. It means that they have been working in legal field for years and are aware of numerous hidden pitfalls;
  • Cost efficiency. Cooperation with an outsourced lawyer – is a profitable investment for business. In practice, an entrepreneur pays for the specific service and reduces expenditures on regular employees’ taxes.

If you need to draft a detailed employment agreement protecting the rights of your enterprise, FCHAIN’s lawyers in Kyiv in Ukraine are ready to provide prompt services of high quality.

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