Accounting Audit Services

The broad term “audit” means the procedure of company’s financial and economic activity inspection by independent specialists. Nowadays it is one of the most popular services, since many enterprises search for reliable partners in conditions of permanent development. In this case company’s audit is vital. It is necessary to examine company’s documentation, its data accuracy, especially when it comes to conclusion of multimillion contracts,

FCHAIN Company provides audit services in Ukraine. We work in Kyiv, as well as in other cities of the country. Our audit company performs expertise of accounting and financial reports in accordance with the current legislation. We provide support for those who need to check financial ability of any company.

Послуги бухгалтерського аудиту

What Are the Expert Procedures?

There are several common methods being the basis of all further procedures developed. FCHAIN’ experts use traditional methods along with original uniquely designed within our Company. This help us reach efficient result in the shortest possible terms. As far as the common procedures are concerned, there are three general approaches:

  1. Documents examination: an audit company’s expert checks all company’s documentation, its format, content, execution in accordance to the list of special requirements. Besides, the expert examines all the documents in terms of any possible contradictions and errors.
  2. Effective control: representatives of an outsourcing company examine enterprises facilities, perform expertise and inventory. Upon expert’s decision, internal investigations, production tests, analyses by independent laboratories, technical control, check of compliance with standards etc. are possible as well.
  3. Analytical approach includes calculations, statistical estimation, analysis of relevant data that will help assess company’s performance.

An auditor can use any of the above mentioned methods in his discretion, taking into account the particular task, company type and its business sphere.

Who Needs Accounting Audit Services?

Accounting audit service is widespread in many European and American countries, while in our country such a procedure is not very popular yet. However, there is a tendency of increase of interest to this particular service. In Ukraine it is in great request among investors, suppliers or contractors, state organizations and other entities.

This service means expertise of financial condition of an organization, that is why customers resort to services of reliable audit companies with a huge experience in this field.

In accordance with current legislation, there are mandatory and voluntary accounting audit. Cases of mandatory audit are stipulated by the law. Voluntary audit is performed at entrepreneur’s will. Besides, depending on auditor class accounting audit can be independent, state and internal.

How to Order a Service of accounting audit in Kyiv?

Audit Company FCHAIN provides audit services for any company or enterprise using both traditional and unique audit methods. Our Clients choose us due to:

  • Unique solutions. We are constantly implementing certified unique methods to solve the problems of a particular client;
  • Proven and effective means. Using the instruments that have already proven their efficiency is the only way to reach success. Experts of FCHAIN Company know how to obtain the best results;
  • Individual approach. Each business field has its own rules and exceptions understanding of which will help obtain the desired result.

You can reach us by phone or e-mail to order the service of accounting audit in Kyiv and Ukraine. Service cost will depend upon specific company’s features and individual demands of a client.

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